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Vancouver's Boutique Acoustic Guitar Store...A Candy Store for Guitar Lovers

Bluedog's First THREE Lowden 40th Anniversary Guitars are here!

Bluedog Guitars is pleased as punch to announce
we are now a dealer for Rivera Amplifiers and
 Santa Cruz Guitar Company! Our first two Santa Cruz guitars just arrived - and the new Rivera Sedona Lite is now in stock!
Eight more Santa Cruz guitars will arrive in December...we are now taking custom-orders for SCGC guitars - call 604-971-2893!

Photo from The North Shore NewsMore 'Bluedog In The News'

Bluedog Guitars is really pleased to announce we have been named one of the world's Top 100 Music Instrument Retailers by NAMM - for the 2nd year in a row!
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We'll hook you up with your
true six-string love...

Professional Matchmaking Services
from Bluedog Guitars

We're really good at helping you find 'The One'.
And 'The Next One'...
(Because it's just fine for a guitar player to have more than a few true loves!)

Video Demos: LowdenSanta CruzBourgeois,Huss & DaltonMorganWebberFurch, 
Composite AcousticsRainsong 

Bluedog Guitars is owned by Paul & Jenn, singer-songwriters who love a good guitar. We hand-pick our guitars in order to provide you with the best quality instrument available in your price range.
We have the best selection of quality acoustic guitars in BC with over 125 fine guitars in stock. Handmade, custom built and limited edition instruments from some of the world's best luthiers, including rare and one-of-a-kind guitars, ukeleles, banjos and mandolins.

Bluedog also has the best quality budget instruments -
very affordable starter guitars that are 'Bluedog-Approved' for quality, tone and value! 

"You have made a great contribution to the music scene in Vancouver and provided musicians with the opportunity to make more informed and better choices with their instrument purchases. It's an education just to stop by and try out the variety of brands and styles you have in your shop, including the many local luthiers. The atmosphere at Bluedog is welcoming and comfortable for musicians at any skill level. And some of the live music that gets played there! Wow! Lot's of times it's good to just sit and listen.    I know I'll be back." Frank M., Bluedog Customer

Authorized Dealer for:

  • Santa Cruz Guitar Company SCGC 00 Skye, OM Custom & OM/PW just arrived! 11 more on order, arriving soon! Deposits and Custom orders for SCGC guitars are now being taken, please call us at 604-971-2893!
  • Lowden Guitars 40th Anniversary F50, F35 Fan Fret, 40th Anniversary O50, Wee Lowden, & 2 S35 just arrived Handbuilt in Northern Ireland
  • Bourgeois Guitars AGED TONE OM & 3 Short Scale Bourgeois Guitars in stock!  Handbuilt in Maine
  • Huss & Dalton 5 in stock at Canada's only H&D dealer! Handbuilt in Virginia
  • Morgan Guitars NEW Satin Finish OM just $1999! 4 Morgan Guitars in stock! Handbuilt in North Vancouver
  • Stonebridge & Furch Guitars - 7 in stock - OM, OM Deep Body, Grand Auditorium & Dread just arrived! Handbuilt by Furch in Czech Republic
  • RainSong Graphite Guitars Shorty Fine Texture & 12 Fret Parlour just arrived! Made in USA
  • Composite Acoustics Carbon Fibre Guitars Raw Cargo, High Gloss Cargo, Xi & Limited Edition Howling Wolf Cargos just arrived! Made in USA
  • Shelley D. Park Guitars Model Encore, Gypsy Jazz Ukulele and Flattop Vega 12 Fret Steel String just arrived! Handbuilt in North Vancouver
  • Webber Guitars - Roundbody, 12 String, OM, 00, Classical & Ukuleles just arrived - 14 in stock! Handbuilt in North Vancouver.
  • Michael Dunn Art Guitars - New Bugatti Guitar, Parlour, Vintage Mystery Pacific & Tenor Harp Uke just arrived! Handbuilt in Vancouver
  • Simon & Patrick Natural Elements Folk Cutaway with pick-up just arrived - Made in Canada
  • Meredith Coloma Lutherie Ebony Mandolin just arrived! Handbuilt in Vancouver
  • Wickland Instruments - Banjos Handmade on Saltspring Island 
  • The Loar - LH-200-FE3-SN with pick-up just arrived! 
  • Recording King - RAJ-122 in stock! Quality budget guitars!
  • Art & Lutherie Ami Parlours & Folk QI just arrived! Made in Canada
  • La Patrie Classical Guitars Collection & Concert Cutaway just arrived! Made in Canada
  • Moodyville Ukulele Company Gypsy Jazz Ukulele just arrived!Handbuilt in North Vancouver
  • AER Compact 60 Acoustic Amps just arrived!
  • Rivera Amplification - Sedona Lite Split-Grill New just arrived!
  • National Reso-Phonic Guitars - Custom orders being taken!
Used guitars for sale: 2011 Morgan Concert in Koa, 2007 Kronbauer Mini Jumbo, 1952 Gibson L50, 2008 Stonebridge Don Alder Custom GS23-S-SPEC, 2001 Northwood OM in CITES Brazilian Rosewood & 1980 Michael Dunn Mystery Pacific just arrived! Always changing inventory: Martin, Gibson, Taylor, Larrivee, Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Yamaha, Morgan, McPherson...
Check out Bluedog's Rare & Unusual Strings!
Some guitars sell within hours of arriving at the shop and never make it to the website. Like us on Facebook for New Arrivals, discounts & upcoming workshops:


Yes, we ship internationally!
We are in North Vancouver BC Canada  Email us!

Call us at 604-971-2893

Where was this pic of our travellin' 1974 Bluedog Boler taken? Smart-as-a-whip Daniel S. knows where it is: do you?
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